You're Invited to Pretty Sweet's Pistachio Party!

You're Invited to Pretty Sweet's Pistachio Party!

這次 Pretty Sweet 推出的 “Pistachio Party”系列, 包含多款以開心果製成的烘焙甜點。每款甜點的材料比例都經過精心調配;襯托出開心果獨特風味的同時,更為不同烘焙甜點增加層次及新鮮感。你也喜歡開心果嗎?

4 個喜歡開心果的原因 4 Reasons to Love Pistachio

➊ 獨有風味 Unique flavour 😋

開心果獨特的堅果味無可取代,鹹中帶少甜,口感香脆,非常上癮。The unique nutty flavour of pistachios is irreplaceable—savoury in general, slightly sweet. Its crunchy mouthfeel also makes it addictive to eat.

➋ 看見就開心 Good vibes generator 😁

開心果的硬殼裂開後,開口看上去就像個在笑的嘴巴。開心果喜歡光,又喜歡笑(誤),是耐旱、適應力強的植物。這就是它長壽的原因嗎~ When the hard shell of a pistachio cracks, the opening looks like a mouth smiling at you. Pistachios like light and laughing (😜). They are adaptive and only thrive well in dry and sunny environment. Does that explain its long life span?

➌ 營養豐富 Rich in nutrients 🏋️

除了豐富的維生素,相比其他果仁低卡的開心果更含有高纖維、礦物質及抗氧化元素等。除了當中的維生素 B6 有助睡眠,其纖維更可以延緩人體對糖分的吸收,豐富油脂又有助潤腸排毒。 Pistachios are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidant elements which help improve blood vessel and gut health.

➍ 用途廣泛 Versatile 🏆

味道可口的開心果可剝殼直接食用,又可用 於烹調、烘焙及各種食物中。其木材更可用 來製作精美細木工藝品。 Pistachios can be eaten directly from the shell. They serve as a great ingredient in baking and cooking. The plant’s wood can also be used to making exquisite wood crafts.

Pistachio Party 一系列甜點由 2024 年 3 月 28 日開放訂購。
Pistachio Party series will be available for order from 28th Mar, 2024.

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