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龍年四式千甘酥禮盒 Year of the Dragon Crunch Cookies

龍年四式千甘酥禮盒 Year of the Dragon Crunch Cookies

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✦ 椒香 XO 醬
✦ 鹹香南乳
✦ 鹹蛋黃
✦ 大澳蝦醬
盒裝含以上味道各 4 件,合共 16 件

✦ 包裝:一盒 4 包(每味 1 包),每包 4 件

✦ 保存期:
製造日期起計 30 日。為能夠品嚐到最酥脆的口感,開封後請盡快食用。

✦ 翻熱回脆:
➊ 焗爐 150°C 焗 6 分鐘
➋ 出爐後放置 3 分鐘,曲奇便回復酥脆

✦ 商品圖片僅供參考,產品以實物為準
✦ 食物安全考量起見,恕不接受退貨

Inspired by Hong Kong culinary traditions and French patisserie recipes, the Crunch Cookie Quartet is a unique fusion that features Sablé Breton in four classic Hong Kong favours: Chilli XO Sauce, Nam Yu (Fermented Red Beancurd), Salted Egg Yolk, Tai O Shrimp Paste, each created meticulously to guarantee a gastronomic feast and infinite surprises.

Flavours include:
✦ Chilli XO Sauce
✦ Nam Yu (Fermented Red Beancurd)
✦ Salted Egg Yolk
✦ Tai O Shrimp Paste

✦ Packaging: 4 packs per box (1 pack per flavour), 4 cookies per pack

✦ Shelf life: 30 days in original sealed package from the date of production. Keep in airtight container and consume immediately after opening for the crunchiest cookies.

✦ Crunch it up: bake in oven for 6 mins at 150°C. Leave for 3 mins before eating.

The collection not only offers a refreshing and tantalizing taste experience, but also comes with exquisite, playful packaging illustrated by local illustrator. Whether as a treat for yourself or a gift for your family and friends, the Crunch Cookie Quartet is surely a sensory delight that leaves everyone craving for more.

食用及存放 Eating & Storage

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