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招牌四式馬卡龍 Signature Macaron Quartet

招牌四式馬卡龍 Signature Macaron Quartet

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✨100% 好評少甜配方馬卡龍✨

禮盒由 4 款最受歡迎的少甜配方馬卡龍組成;含 8 件馬卡龍,以下 4 款每味 2 件:

✦ 焦糖燉蛋馬卡龍

✦ 開心果馬卡龍

✦ 紅桑子馬卡龍(心形🩷)

✦ 海鹽朱古力焦糖軟心馬卡龍
特濃朱古力餡以可可含量 65-70% 以上的朱古力製成;配上自家煮製海鹽焦糖軟心及可可脆粒,味道口感層次豐富。

✦ 包裝: 8 件獨立包裝馬卡龍
✦ 存放:未開封前 -18°C 冷藏 20 天 或 0-4°C 冷藏 5 天
✦ 食用:從雪櫃取出後直接享用或放室溫 5-10分鐘,待夾心稍稍軟化後享用
✦ 馬卡龍可以留在室溫 1-2 小時,如果放過室溫,食用前請先雪藏最少 1 小時,以保持味道口感~

✦ 下單後約3-5天內出貨,不包括假日
✦ 會按情況接急單,請直接聯繫我們

✦ 商品圖片僅供參考,產品以實物為準
✦ 食物安全考量起見,恕不接受退貨

✨'Less-sweet' Macarons that receives 100% positive feedback✨
All fillings are made with homemade jams and caramel, making sure the original flavours of ingredients can be tasted. Just the right balance of sweetness. Described as 'the most delicious macarons in the world'.

Gift box contains 8 pieces of the 4 most popular 'less sweet' macarons.

✦ Creme Brulee Macaron
Tastes just like the French dessert, sandwiched with rich vanilla buttercream and homemade nutty caramel centre. It is described as 'the most delicious macaron in the world' by our customers.

✦ Pistachio Macaron
Made with freshly ground house pistachio paste.

✦ Raspberry Macaron (Heart-shaped 🩷)
This appealing heart-shaped macaron is well-liked by customers. Sandwiched with buttercream made with homemade raspberry jam, the balance between sweetness and sourness is perfectly achieved to leave you craving for more.

✦ Sea Salted Chocolate Caramel Macaron
Sandwiched with chocolate ganache made with premium chocolate containing 65-70% cocoa mass, homemade nutty caramel and crunchy cacao nibs, this macaron is out of this world.

✦ Packing: 8 individually packed macarons
✦ Storage: Please store in -18°C fridge and consume within 20 days upon receiving the macarons.
✦ Eating suggestion: Eat directly from fridge or eat after leaving out for 5-10 mins for the filling to soften.

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食用及存放 Eating & Storage

存放:未開封前 0-4°C 冷藏 7 天
食用:從雪櫃取出後直接享用或放室溫 5-10分鐘,待夾心稍稍軟化後享用

Storage: can be kept in original sealed package in 0-4°C fridge for 7 days
Eating: Eat directly from fridge or let sit at room temperature for 5-10 mins for fillings to soften up

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