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椒香XO醬千甘酥 Chilli XO Sauce Crunch Cookie

椒香XO醬千甘酥 Chilli XO Sauce Crunch Cookie

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🇭🇰 獨創香港風味曲奇,百分百香港製造。送禮自用皆宜。

✧ 椒香XO醬千甘酥 


12 件盒裝:480克

✧ Chilli XO Sauce Crunch Cookie

Packed with umami, these slightly spicy cookies shock the taste buds, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The seemingly unrelated flavours are blended well to create a flavorful snack.

4 pcs pack: 120g
12 pcs box: 480g

包裝 Packaging

不同味道個別包裝,4 件1包

Elegantly packed in durable tin box. Individual packing for different flavours which makes 4 pcs per pack.

食用及存放 Eating & Storage

保存期:未開封 20 日。為能夠品嚐到最酥脆的口感,開封後請盡快食用。

Shelf life: 20 days in original sealed package. Please consume immediately after opening for the crunchiest cookies.

送遞 Delivery & Shipping

🚚 順豐速運上門

🚪 順豐速運上門運費 (1kg 內):

🚚 SF Express Door-to-Door Delivery

🚪 SF Express door-to-door delivery fee (within 1kg):
Hong Kong: $35
Macau: $50

鐵盒回收 Tin Box Recycle

Tin box recyling scheme: Bring cleaned boxes to collection spot in exchange for cash vouchers.

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