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特濃開心果醬 Pretty Rich Pistachio Paste

特濃開心果醬 Pretty Rich Pistachio Paste

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這款開心果醬是開心果味濃度天花板!自加研磨而成,不含其他成份,絕無添加任何調味或水份等。濃稠度適中,方便塗抹於鬆餅、麵包上一同食用。1 小樽 25 克就有約78-80 粒的開心果含量。用途廣泛,可配搭不同食物之餘亦適用於烹調料理,如開心果青醬意粉。

✦ 包裝:一樽 25 克
✦ 保存期: 收貨後室溫 3 日;冷藏於 0-4°C 雪櫃 20日
✦ 食用:直接食用

We really have to name it this way because this paste is just way too rich! Made with 100% pistachios without adding any liquid, other nuts, additives, you name it. It contains only pistachios. It's got to be the ceiling in terms of pistachio flavour. The consistency is just right for spreading. Best on our pistachio scone, or whatever you want to eat it with. Pistachio pesto pasta? Yes please!

✦ Packing size: 25g per jar
✦ Storage (on the day product is received):
Room temp: 3 days
In 0-4°C fridge: 20 days
✦ Eat directly

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