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軟心開心果馬卡龍 Pistachio Macaron

軟心開心果馬卡龍 Pistachio Macaron

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升級版開心果馬卡龍 (軟心開心果醬)


1 件獨立包裝

Upgraded Pistachio Macaron (Pistachio paste centred)

Our second best-selling less-sugar macaron. Made with our homemade pistachio paste with crunchy pistachio bits. This upgraded version has a soft pistachio paste centre which further elevates the already intense pistachio flavour and mouthfeel.

1 pc individually packed

食用及存放 Eating & Storage

存放:未開封前 0-4°C 冷藏 7 天
食用:從雪櫃取出後直接享用或放室溫 5-10分鐘,待夾心稍稍軟化後享用

Storage: can be kept in original sealed package in 0-4°C fridge for 7 days
Eating: Eat directly from fridge or let sit at room temperature for 5-10 mins for fillings to soften up

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